About HMI

Is there space for the current school year? Can I submit an application after February 15th?

Please contact the admissions office at 719-496-8200 x1 or at admissions@hminet.org to inquire about the current school year and to hear potential options. Please be aware that applications for both Semesters are due the February 15th before the upcoming school year, though we often accept applications after that date. Please contact us in either case.


Summer Term applications are accepted on a rolling basis after February 15th.

What is a semester school?

Semester schools are schools that students attend for one semester at a time.  Most semester schools have a special focus. For example, what makes HMI especially unique among semester schools is our signature combination of academics, wilderness, and community.  Students attend semester schools to enhance their high school career.  In many cases, semester schools offer the opportunity to try something different and change the usual high school routine, without entirely changing schools or leaving home. You can read more about semester schools and their benefits by visiting the Semester Schools Network

Are you a four year school?

HMI is not a traditional four year school.  HMI is a Semester School.  As such, students attend for one semester at a time.  Most students attend the HMI Semester during their junior year of high school, as our curriculum corresponds best with this level of study. Occasionally a high school senior attends the HMI Semester.  In addition, HMI offers a number of short and summer programs for a broader range of age groups.

Is HMI accredited?

Yes. HMI is accredited by the Association of Colorado Independent Schools, an approved accrediting body of the National Association of Independent Schools.  In addition, HMI is accredited by the Association of Experiential Education.

What ages are eligible?
Do you accept international students?

Yes, HMI accepts international students, and has had a number of student attend from overseas in the past. For specific questions about applying as an international student, please contact the admissions office.

Do you offer gap year programs?

Yes, the HMI Gap, a traveling semester in the American West and Patagonia for 18-22 year olds, focuses on climbing, wilderness adventure, and conservation. Click here for more information. 

Does HMI offer financial aid?

Yes, HMI offers need-based financial aid for the Semester, Summer Term, High Peaks Adventure, and Apprentice Program. Please submit your financial aid application by February 15th to qualify. After that date financial aid may not be available. For more information please click here.

What is the food like at HMI? What if I am a vegetarian or have other dietary restrictions?

HMI serves homecooked meals that are nutritious and delicious. There is always a vegetarian option and we can work with many food allergies. Please contact us if you have a specific question about a food allergy. 

For breakfast we often serve toasted bagels, scrambled eggs, pancakes, muffins, or egg frittata. Cold cereal is always an option.

Lunch (often cooked by students) may be pesto pasta, pita pizzas, chili and cornbread, or more. Salad is always available. 

Dinner (almost always cooked by students) is an opportunity for students to design a meal for the entire community. This may be a full Thanksgiving meal, a Panamanian feast (complete with fried plantains), a family enchilada recipe, fried chicken and waffles, pad thai, or anything else you can imagine!

When will I hear if I have been accepted?

If you submit your application on time (by end of the day February 15th) you will hear from HMI by mid-March. We will send your decision both through the USPS mail and through e-mail directly to the student applying. 

If you are applying for financial aid you will receive your financial aid information at the same time as your admission decision. 

If you submit your application late please be in touch with the Admissions Office. You can contact us at (719) 486-8200 x1 or admissions@hminet.org. 

What does it mean if I am on the waitlist?

If you receive notice that you are on our waitlist this means that you are a strong applicant and we can see you being successful at HMI, however we do not always have enough space for all our applicants. If a space opens before the program begins we may be in touch with you to see if you would like to attend. 

Being on the waitlist requires flexibility in some cases. If you applied for the spring semester, but a fall spot opens we may call you to see if you would like that spot (or vice versa). 

Please be in touch with the admissions office to maintain your interest in HMI if you are on the waitlist. You can reach us at 719-486-8200 x1 or admissions@hminet.org