Alumni Council

The Alumni Council is made up of 18 alumni who represent a range of Semesters, professions, geographic regions, and interests. In April 2012, the first Alumni Council convened in Leadville for a long weekend to reconnect with HMI, discuss opportunities for alumni leadership in HMI’s future, consult on HMI’s strategic planning and fundraising, and to stimulate the growing HMI alumni network.

As you know, HMI has a strong focus on leadership in all of its programs; in part, we have created this group to provide yet another leadership opportunity through which HMI alumni can grow and stay inspired by an organization that has played a meaningful role in their lives.

As alumni representing over 10 years of education at HMI, the Alumni Council has a wealth of diverse life experiences to share with current students and alumni throughout the country. In building this group, we also hope to provide a structure through which HMI alumni can network across the country, consult on colleges and jobs, and develop experience for future potential service on the HMI Board of Trustees.

Meet the Alumni Council!

Andrew Bernstein, Semester 8 Student: Andrew hails from Allentown, PA. He went to high school at Packer Collegiate Institute, and graduated from Skidmore College in 2007. He is currently the marketing manager of Bicycling Magazine, Roadle Inc.

Emily Blau, Semester 21 Student & Semester 33 Apprentice: Emily lives in Leadville, CO (very close to HMI!) and is teaching at Lake County Intermediate School. She went to Deerfield Academy for high school, and graduated from Sewanee in 2014.

Alanna Gino, Semester 1 Student: Alanna lives in San Francisco, CA and is a marketing manager at Bloom Energy, a clean energy company. Alanna went to St. Margaret’s Episcopal School, and studied environmental science and public policy at UNC Chapel Hill. She then went on to study at the McCombs School of Business in Austin, TX.

Max Hollman, Semester 19 Student: Max lives in Venice, CA and works as an assistant for HBO Programming. Max went to the Sidwell Friends School, and graduated from Guilford College in 2006. He then went on to the University of Vermont for a graduate degree, and graduated in 2013.

Katherine Kornman, Semester 20 Student: Katie lives in Lander, WY and works for the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS). Katie went to high school at the Dalton School, and graduated from the University of Minnesota in 2007. She then went on to graduate school at Columbia University and graduated in 2013.

Erik Levy, Semester 7 Student: Erik lives in Golden Valley, MN and works as Assistant General Counsel for the IP Corporation. Erik went to high school at St. Paul Academy & Summit School. He then graduated from Colorado College in 2007, and went on to receive a law degree from the William Mitchell School of Law in 2012.

Dan Lustick, Semester 8 Student: Dan lives in Boston, MA and is a Nurse Practitioner Student at the MGH Institute of Health Professions. He went to high school at the Hopkins School and graduated from the Boston University School of Public Health in 2011.

Ray McGaughey, Semester 15 Student, Summer Term 2009 Intern: Ray currently lives in Leadville, CO and is Director of Admissions at HMI! Ray went to high school at the Packer Collegiate Institute and graduated from Carelton College in 2011.

Madeline O’Brien, Semester 11: Madeline lives in Vancouver, WA and is the Director of Alumni Affairs at St. Andrew’s Episcopal School. Madeline went to St. Andrew’s Episcopal, and then graduated from College of Charleston in 2009.

Hannah Orcutt, Semester 15 Student: Hannah is the Chair of the Alumni Council and does an amazing job coordinating all of our endeavors! Hannah lives in Jackson, WY and works at the Teton Science School as the Development, Events, & Campaign Coordinator. Hannah went to high school at the Waynflete School and graduated from Middlebury College in 2011.

Adrian Pforzheimer, Semester 22 Student, Semester 34 Apprentice: Adrian currently lives in Washington, DC and is a graduate student at the American School of Communication. He went to high school at Buckingham Browne & Nichols, and graduated from Harvard University in 2014.

Elizabeth Sinclair, Semester 13 Student: Elizabeth lives in San Francisco, CA and is a Reproductive Health Specialist at Planned Parenthood. Elizabeth went to high school at Clark Montessori High School and Piedmont High School, and then went to college at the University of Michigan and graduated in 2010. Elizabeth attended Columbia University for graduate school.

Seton Talty, Semester 24 Student, Semester 36 Apprentice: Seton currently lives in Washington, DC and works as the Assistant Director of Admissions at the School for Ethics & Global Leadership. Seton went to St. George’s School and then graduated from Middlebury College in 2015.

Sam Timberg, Semester 7 Student, Summer Term 2005 Intern: Sam lives in Brooklyn, NY and is the Co-owner of Meridian Prime, one of the fastest growing importer of South African wines to the U.S. Sam went to high school at the Landon School and graduated from Middlebury College in 2007.

Alexandra Wingert, Semester 18 Student: Alex lives in Denver, CO and works as an Environmental Engineer for QEP Resources. Alex went to high school at the Crossroads School for the Arts & Sciences. She graduated from CU Boulder in 2012 and studied at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.