Alumni Council

The Alumni Council is made up of 18 alumni who represent a range of Semesters, professions, geographic regions, and interests. In April 2012, the first Alumni Council convened in Leadville for a long weekend to reconnect with HMI, discuss opportunities for alumni leadership in HMI’s future, consult on HMI’s strategic planning and fundraising, and to stimulate the growing HMI alumni network.

As you know, HMI has a strong focus on leadership in all of its programs; in part, we have created this group to provide yet another leadership opportunity through which HMI alumni can grow and stay inspired by an organization that has played a meaningful role in their lives.

As alumni representing over 10 years of education at HMI, the Alumni Council has a wealth of diverse life experiences to share with current students and alumni throughout the country. In building this group, we also hope to provide a structure through which HMI alumni can network across the country, consult on colleges and jobs, and develop experience for future potential service on the HMI Board of Trustees.