Summer Term: “HMI is home”

Our last week of Summer Term was packed with academics, reflection, and fun closing activities! On campus, we rushed to finish our final sense of place projects and tie up all the loose ends with respect to classwork, while off campus, we visited town one last time, ran the 4.5 mile Fun Run, and took a trip down to Buena Vista to visit the Princeton hot springs and barbeque at the BV riverside park.  Friday afternoon, it was off to solo for a bit of reflection on our time here at HMI before Saturday’s closing and sharing of our Full Circle reflections.

A few parting words from students…

“My time at HMI has been wild and adventurous.  I have spent six weeks here in Colorado, making friends, creating memories, pushing myself, expanding my limits, and trying all sorts of new activities.  HMI is a place that I will never forget.  I truly wish that everyone could receive the opportunity to become a part of such an amazing community.”

“In this place, I’m surrounded by land and people

Who are amazing


Who love

Who care

Who understand


That challenges

That strengthens

That amazes



Who support

And who lead



That’s fair

And that nurtures



That teach

That encourage growth

That are judgment free

There is no greater place that could be.”


“What is home?

I ask that a lot.

Home is welcoming

Home is comfortable

Home is right

Home is special

Home is love

Home is a place

Home is people

Home is judgment free

Home encourages growth

Home teaches

Home nurtures

Home is fair

Home leads

Home supports

Home amazes

Home strengthens

Home challenges

Home understands

Home cares

Home loves

Home is here

Home is HMI

HMI is home.”

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