High Mountain Wild

This past semester, students were asked to reflect on their HMI experience by creating their own blog posts. “Each blog was totally unique” explained Alex Tarika, the Semester 31 English Apprentice. For the next couple of weeks we will be posting a sample of several students’ work here on the HMI blog. Below you will find an excerpt from Liza Jane Branch’s blog, or you can read her blog in its entirety.

                                                                       The Fall

First expedition
Second day
We walked down into the valley
Trudging along with our heavy packs
and light hearts
A stream crossing
Came upon us
The water silently moving
Across the dewy morning air
Over rocks
And pebbles
And disappearing out of sight
I take one step
Closely behind a friend in front
I take another step
Following as I should
And suddenly
Into the icy, clear water
Down goes my pack
As it lands firmly in the depth of the river
I’m frozen
No really
I’m frozen
The chilly breeze is highlighted
 By the moisture of my clothing
I start to shiver
As I realize that every layer I have on
Has been soaked straight through
I panic
I let out sharp breaths
I can’t get up
The 45 pound pack
Weighs me down
And feels like a monster
Attached to my back
I start to hyperventilate
As I feel the weight being released
Someone is lifting me
Out of the flowing river
Still sending chills beyond my core
I stand up
I cross the river
Step by step
Avoiding another spill
I change
New layers
New warmth
I laugh
I’m fine.

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