Semester 32: “We can barely believe how quickly it’s flying by!”

This week has been exciting to say the least! This past weekend was our college counseling weekend.  We each got paired with a visiting college counselor who gave us some more advice on our potential college choices. While some of us came out of our meetings a bit overwhelmed with all the new choices of schools we learned about, we mostly feel pretty darn excited about all of the possibilities.  And for those of us who were concerned and feeling the pressure—we now know that we will definitely be going to college somewhere! We’re excited to share our results with our parents who we get to see in just a couple of hours.

We ended last weekend wanting to get back out on our skis (we were feeling deprived having been on them every day for ten days not so long ago), so Rob organized a day out at Ski Cooper! We had a blast shredding the gnar with one another on a Colorado bluebird day—not a cloud in the sky.

It’s been quite nice to be back in the swing of things on campus.  That said, it’s another quick turnaround. This weekend, we’re looking forward to our parents coming to visit us on campus for Parents’ Weekend. While it’s a bit nerve-wracking to share this place that we’ve made so much our own with people that are pretty important to us (we really want them to “get it”), mostly we’re feeling excited. It’s always fun to have the people who’ve been instrumental in helping us get here and allowing us to be here share in the experience, even if it’s only for a whirlwind day.

Because of the stress of getting all our work in before midterm grades come out, along with prepping the place for our folks, we decided it would be pertinent to have a bit of fun.  Our student representatives organized a spirit week for us. We had a number of sets of twins on Tuesday, some very creative superheroes on Thursday, and today, Friday, flannel abounds on campus!

We’re looking forward to our busy family-packed day tomorrow and spring break after that!  We’ll be back online during our wilderness first aid course at the beginning of April, before we head out on our third and last expedition.  We can barely believe how quickly it’s flying by!

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