Semester 32: Willing to have fun together at all times

Woo!  We’re finally catching back up. Two weeks ago on Saturday, we all enjoyed our second coffeehouse of the semester. We were more prepared this time and all put in a lot of effort for the big night, which, of course, turned out to be fantastic! Some highlights included: raps written by our very own (Cabin 1 and Matt Turnbull); choreography by Rachel Beaver; a slideshow with the semester’s photos a la Abby Smith; and pies in faculty’s faces (Rob Backlund). As per usual, the evening ended in a dance party! This coffeehouse was just another example of the character of Semester 32—and we’re quite proud of it—willing to have fun together at all times.  We wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Later that night, we decided to have sleepovers! The girls slept in Stuen Hall while the boys slept in the climbing hall. The girls finally had their chance to execute a great prank on the boys! Isabelle was planted in the climbing hall loft and began singing her very unique and incredibly terrifying creepy song. The rest of the girls waited attentively for shouts and screams before bursting through the doors to find the room filled with horror-stricken boys. After we talked for a bit and had our laughs, the girls departed for Stuen where they spent a fairly quiet night dancing, watching movies, and talking (of course).

The next Sunday, we were all so excited to go to the Sand Dunes National Park!  Unfortunately, Mother Nature had other plans and instead, whipped up a heck of a winter storm that closed roads around Leadville with feet of snow. In May! So we put on our flexible pants and enjoyed our second round of winter. We did get to sleep in and eat a late brunch, which was wholly welcome after our sleepovers. The rest of the day was relaxing, fun, and productive. Lots of people were dyeing eggs, watching Into the Wild, making spontaneous quesadillas and omelets, and even Polar Plunging! Not to mention a fun trip to the Leadville Aquatic Center.

This past week has been pretty darn hectic as classes are coming to an end. Along with final projects and essays, many of us have also been crushing some AP exams. While it’s been stressful, we’re proud of the work that we have done including some very creative immigration-related projects for Spanish, English writing portfolios, final POWs for math classes, among LOTS of other final work.  We’re looking forward to presenting and hearing other people’s PEEPs (personal environmental ethics projects).  More to come soon!

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