Semester 33: Expedition Prep

This is our last update before heading into the snowy wildlands around Leadville. We figure that if we’re working with people from the Colorado Fourteener’s Initiative then at least we’re not the only crazy ones headed out into the backcountry!

We feel more comfortable this time around preparing for expedition—rationing food, issuing gear, organizing, packing a backpack, and collecting all the layers we’ll need. It’s fun to try out the same systems with new people and, tomorrow, in a new place! Don’t worry—we packed warmer sleeping bags and more layers and will be masters of the HMI mitten system upon our return. We’ll be excited to tell you about your fourteener summit attempts, too!

Our last few meals on campus have been delicious: pancakes with peach sauce, vegetable curry, and grilled barbecue chicken. For the next ten days, however, we’ll be cooking up tasty backcountry creations of our own. On our first expedition we learned so much about the fine art of backcountry cooking, and we are excited to perfect things such as cheesy bagels, pizza, and pancakes. We are also really excited that our Snicker’s bar ration has increased, not to mention the fact that we got to stock up on our fan favorites (nutella, kale, and more nutella).

Anyway, better head out to make sure that everything is packed into the bus.  We’ll call when we get back, no mittens necessary!

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