HMI Welcomes Three New Board Members

HMI proudly welcomes the following new members to our Board of Trustees:

Lisa Barker
Lisa is connected to HMI in numerous ways: she a Semester 5 alumni parent, completed her WFR at HMI, was a TLE instructor and intern, is a TLE alumni parent (2005), a TLE curriculum developer, adjunct faculty, and supporter.  She holds a MA in Adventure Education from Prescott College (2006) and an MA in Spiritual Psychology with an Emphasis in Consciousness, Health and Healing (2014) from the University of Santa Monica. Lisa is a non-profit-volunteer, serving on the NOLS Advisory Council, as well as investigating opportunities near her new home in Santa Fe, NM. Perhaps her favorite title is “Grandma” to her three grandkids who live close by.

John Gulla
When John was at Riverdale Country School in the late 1990s and Molly and Christopher were beginning plans for what became HMI, Molly came to visit him to get some advice.  That was the start of his interest in the school.  When the first summer programs began and John was Head of School at Blake, he mentioned the opportunity to both of his sons, Ben and Zach, and they enrolled in the inaugural Leading Edge program. Both had great experiences, and some years later Zach applied and spent a semester at HMI. John is now the Executive Director of the Edward E. Ford Foundation, an organization that supports independent schools around the country.

Susan Weiner
Susan is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, loving mother to two wonderful sons and one daughter in law, as well as a grandmother to her only grandson. One of her sons, James, is an alumnus of HMI Semester 19.

Susan has made it her mission to ensure that families with a struggling adolescent or young adult have access to the country’s best resources so they may get the help they need. Before the behavioral/mental health industry, Susan’s professional career consisted of various fields: corporate paralegal, foreign exchange trader, advertising, and the non-profit sector, just to name a few. As a family and children’s advocate, Susan established a non-profit organization in 1994 called Tickets for Kids, which provides tickets to sporting and cultural events to underprivileged children and families. Susan is also a Board Member of the Institute for Research, Education & Training in Addictions (IRETA).

Susan holds a bachelor’s degree in secondary education, as well as a master’s degree in international business.


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