Semester 33: Last Week of Classes!

We can barely believe it, and we almost don’t want to say it…we’ve finished our last week of classes! It’s been a lot of work, but we made it through our first semester of junior year! Everything has been handed in, which feels like a great weight off our shoulders. We worked hard on our final projects, and while we spent a lot of time on them and were a bit stressed, they turned out great and were actually fun! Aside from an AP US History exam (we know, we know, we have to do it to prepare for the test!), all of our projects allowed us to go in the direction we found most interesting. We wrote children’s stories or made pamphlets discussing the effects of climate change for science; we collaged, painted, or wrote poems related to immigration in Spanish; we danced, sang, read slam poetry, and dubbed over cartoons in order to share our PEEPs (personal environmental ethic project) in P&P; we created mixed tapes or CDs that showed American identity for history; and we helped MC buy a new car in math class!  There were some tears yesterday on our last day of class, but we’re looking forward to what the next few days hold for our Semester 33 community.

Here are a couple of events we’ve had in the past week and the most important things you should know about them:

1)     HMI Semester 33 Formal: classy ties, fancy shoes, pretty dresses, DJ Gucci Goldberg, and ridiculous dance moves until late in the evening (yes, we mean 9:45pm).

2)     Skiing and snowboarding at Ski Cooper: rentals at the shop, bluebird skies, fluffy snow, smooth corduroy, good teaching by our friends, lots of turns, cheers from the chairlift, some falls, too much laughter (not really too much), ho cho!

3)     Dinner discussion of current events in Ferguson and Staten Island: open-mindedness, new perspectives, thoughtful comments, whole community, still happening, still learning, desire for change.

4)     Secret Santa: personalized cards, small gifts, silliness, kindness, LOVE!

We’ll share more on these final days of upcoming events like solo, Superclean, packing (maybe we won’t share about this, but it’s happening slowly but surely), and Full Circle.

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