Semester 34: “Life is buzzing here on the HMI campus”

Ever since 3rd expedition, classes have been going full speed ahead to take advantage of the four consecutive weeks of school we get this May, which allows for more long-term projects. We’ve been working on our lyric essays for English class for more than a week now, and they’ll finally be done this Friday. The lyric essays are a type of personal essay where we’ll mix and match numerous stories and excerpts together into one amazing essay. For history we held a debate arguing the successes and failures of the 1960s in the context of major events like the Civil Rights movement and the Vietnam War. In science class we’ve just started to work on a water quality lab to study the effects of acid drainage into the Arkansas River and the water supply from the mines here in Leadville. We’ve even begun work on our final Practices and Principles project where we present the environmental ethic we’ve developed since coming here to HMI. On top of all that, some students will even be taking AP exams in Stuen Hall these next three weeks.


Life is buzzing here on the HMI campus. Prom is just around the corner and Spirit Week is in full swing. Everyone wore something from Melenzana (a company that makes outdoor clothing here in Leadville)  for Melli Monday. Tressa and Caroline G. knocked “Twin-Day Tuesday” out of the park with matching shorts and matching red hair. HMI turned into a zoo for Wildlife Wednesday, and finished strong with Teacher Thursday and Freaky Friday. Twenty-four students have been notified who their prom date will be and are secretly planning promposels while twenty-four other students wait in anticipation. Noah kicked off the promposals with a cookie for Laura, and then promptly ate the cookie for her.

Following a long day of SAT tests, we returned to campus for a cook-off on WhisperLite stoves. From biscuits with whipped cream and strawberry compote, to cheeseburgers wrapped in bacon, to a raspberry chocolate s’more pie, the creativity exemplified was ultimately not enough to defeat Cabin 3’s creations: French toast topped with strawberries and chocolate, plus stuffed avocado. We then spent our Saturday night having a picnic at Turquoise Lake, which is essentially in our backyard. Here we played football, soccer, and skipped rocks across the water. Returning to HMI, we prepared for the marathon and half marathon on Sunday morning. Four students completed the marathon, along with MC, while others worked at aid stations, providing gatorade and orange slices for the runners. The entire campus gathered at the Fish Hatchery, cheering on runners as they passed and often finishing the marathon with them. Despite how tired and sore these runners were after completing the marathon, they felt an enormous amount of support from the HMIcommunity and a sense of accomplishment.

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