Semester 35: Family Weekend, First Aid, and Classes!

This week we were able to show our families the lovely campus of HMI. When we were traveling into town to see them we were all jumping up and down in our seats because we were so excited. We were all very happy to show our parents the place where we had spent 60 days prospering so that they could better understand the HMI experience. Over Family Weekend we were able to bring our parents to all our classes to experience a day in the life of an HMI student. In English classes we recited our poems that described our amazing experience at HMI. Then in history class we finished up the revolutionary era by writing our own historically-based lyrics to popular songs and singing to our parents. This weekend was a blast and a very memorable time to spend with our families. Most of the students went to Colorado Springs to visit Colorado College. They all enjoyed the tour and the panel of previous HMI students. Although the weekend had to end, of course, everyone coming back to campus was happy to rejoin their friends.

The excitement carried on from Family Weekend into First Aid day! First Aid day is to prepare students to be ready to take on possible situations that could happen in the backcountry. People walking on the boardwalks were greeted with students having a nice game of “imaginary” rock baseball to only have more students come out ready to prepare for the possible injuries. One might wonder what could go wrong during a game of rock baseball! Good thing Semester 35 was prepared to deal with a disoriented, possibly concussed, dehydrated patient with quite the gash on the eyebrow (the detail of red marker running down the side of the face made it quite realistic). We learned to uncover what could be wrong by using techniques that help us to evaluate the current situation. The teachers and apprentices were able to teach us these serious skills but also keep it fun and enjoyable throughout the entire day.

This week has been quite the roller coaster ride academically. A history essay, English responses, and Human Ecology Projects have been keeping us busy all week. The history essay has multiple prompts about the time period before the Revolutionary War. The English responses are about the book we are reading called Ceremony, which is about a Native American man who struggles to get back on his feet after the second world war. The Human Ecology Project combines science and P&P and involves students proposing an idea to improve the town of Leadville, whether it is an economical or environmental solution.

That’s all for this week! This weekend we have the Fun Run (10 miles, at 10am, at 10,000 feet above sea level) so the next update will surely include some details from that event!

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