HMI Gap on the Road with USA Gap Year Fairs

HMI Gap is officially on the road with USA Gap Year Fairs. We are traveling across the country to meet students face to face during Gap Fairs, High School presentations, and visits at local climbing gyms. This is a great way to learn more about the program, speak to our Program Coordinators and Lead Faculty, and get many of your questions answered about taking a gap year.

Check out our schedule to see if we will be in your area:

White Plains High School, White Plains, NYJanuary 11 (6-9 pm)

Grace Church School, New York, NYJanuary 13 (6-9 pm)

Brookline High School, Brookline, MAJanuary 16 (1-4 pm)

Conard High School, West Hartford, CTJanuary 19 (6-9 pm)

South Burlington High School, Burlington, VTJanuary 20 (6-9 pm)

Scarborough High School, Scarborough, MEJanuary 21 (6-9 pm)

Noble and Greenough School, Boston, MAJanuary 23 (1-4 pm)

Groves Academy, Minneapolis, MNJanuary 26 (6-9 pm)

Pioneer High School, Ann Arbor, MIJanuary 28 (6-9 pm)

New Trier High School, Chicago, ILJanuary 30 (12-3 pm)

Georgetown Day School, Washington, DCFebruary 1 (6-9 pm)

George C. Marshall High School, Fairfax, VAFebruary 3 (7-9:30 pm)

John Champe High School, Aldie, VAFebruary 4 (6-9 pm)

Thomas S. Wooten School, Rockville, MDFebruary 5 (6-9 pm)

Asheville School, Asheville, NCFebruary 6 (12-3 pm)

Pace Academy, Atlanta, GAFebruary 9 (6-9 pm)

Cleveland High School, Portland, ORFebruary 10 (6-9 pm)

The Northwest School, Seattle, WAFebruary 11 (6-9 pm)

Peak to Peak Charter School, Boulder, COFebruary 16 (6-9 pm)

Denver Academy, Denver, COFebruary 17 (6-9 pm)

St. Stephen’s Episcopal School, Austin, TXFebruary 21 (12-3 pm)

Vistamar School, El Segundo, CAFebruary 22 (6-9 pm)

Harvard Westlake, LACAFebruary 23 (6-9 pm)

Sir Frances Drake High School, San Anselmo, CAFebruary 25 (6-9 pm)

Los Altos High School, Los Altos, CAFebruary 27 (12-3 pm)

Bentley School, Lafayette, CAFebruary 28 (9-11 am)

Jewish Community High School of the Bay, San Francisco, CAFebruary 28, (1-3:30 pm)

We hope to see you soon!

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