Semester 39: “Everyone in the community is so passionate about this place”

What an awesome week! In Science, we went searching for glacier-made formations in the mountains and valleys nearby Leadville. We got to appreciate a last glimpse of fall as we saw the yellow aspens merge between the white mountain tops. We learned that the lakes we were observing were created by massive ice sheets carving into the earth thousands of years ago. In Spanish class, we investigated the causes and conditions of South American immigration, as well as the effects of it on both the sending country and the US. Reading the vignette La Casa En Mango Street we were given insight into the harsh realities second and third generation immigrants to the US face. In History, we discussed societal discrimination and the case for reparations, as presented by Ta-Nehisi Coates. It has been a busy week, but everything we do is so engaging that it hardly even feels like it!

During AMX we continue to increase our mileage in preparation for the Fun Run. However, we were thrown for a loop when we were greeted by six inches of fresh snow on Monday morning. We ran two miles around the campus trails, dodging snow balls thrown by fellow students the entire way. Smoke from warm fires billowed from the chimneys of every cabin that night. On Wednesday, our running route took us along the colorful banks of Turquoise Lake. All the leaves from the Aspens have already fallen, but the color change from green to brown is still in process. Many cabins have organized their “Night of Fun,” a time dedicated for each cabin to plan an activity where they can bond and have fun together. Though we love being on campus together as a community, the anticipation level for second expedition is rising quickly, as we welcome the chance make the canyons our classroom.

This past weekend started out with a two-mile run on Saturday morning, followed by breakfast and chores and our regular half-day of classes. Once classes ended for the day, we broke into groups for Saturday activities! We enjoyed spending time in town eating ice cream and pizza, and exploring the local thrift stores. After arriving back to campus, we split our time between wood chopping and spending time with friends. Later that night we all loaded up in the buses, adorning our wackiest outfits, and drove to the nearby bowling alley! After an exciting night of bowling, laughing, and eating some tasty treats, we headed back to campus and spent time with our cabin mates before bed. On Sunday morning, we had the luxury of sleeping in and woke up to an amazing brunch, prepared by cook crew, filled with smoothies, banana bread, pancakes, fruit, and of course lucky charms (a Semester 39 favorite). This Sunday was a “Sacred Sunday” so we spent two hours at our solo spots reflecting, reading, journaling, and building forts. This gave us time to rest and rejuvenate after a very hectic week and reflect on our time at HMI thus far. Afterwards we had the rest of the day to hang out, do homework, bike, and play games!

As you may have already guessed, life at HMI is really full—and recently we have all been balancing schoolwork, participating in fun activities and taking time for ourselves. With the upcoming student teacher conferences and PSAT, we needed a chance to destress. After dinner one evening, music magically began to blast from Who’s Hall, so of course, we had an impromptu dance party before study hall. It felt so good to just be silly, get out some energy and sing along to Miley Cyrus and Chance the Rapper. That short moment put a huge grin on all of our faces and gave us a chance to come together. Our community wants to make the best of the time we have here and embrace every moment where we can be weird and have fun together. These moments when we all come together to just dance and let it all out, are some of our favorites here at HMI (luckily it happens quite a lot).    and it really shows. The overflowing love for each other and this place manifest in some of the most memorable moments.




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