Semester 39: Sand Dunes, Project Day, and Expedition Prep!

This past weekend was jam packed. On Saturday night we gathered in Who’s Hall to watch Inception. Hayden provided a generous amount of popcorn that was gladly consumed, and the controversial ending of the movie spawned many debates. Early Sunday morning we jumped into the buses on our way to Colorado’s Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve. The stream near the base of the dunes prompted many to take off shoes which were not put on again until the end of the day. Students broke off making different routes to the top of the dunes. We took many pictures along the way, admiring the dramatic landscape. People chose various ways to venture down the sand such as rolling, sprinting, leaping, and some falling. The bus ride back was great for napping and reflecting after an exciting day!

This week everyone in our community has had expedition on our minds while we try to complete our last assignments. Continuing to study geology, we tested soil characteristics in three different environments around Leadville during our Monday lab. Calc AB continued its study of derivatives and participated in International Math Week. In English, all of us frantically attempted to get our Ceremony essays in on time. In Spanish, we continued to explore the topic of immigration through Spanish discussion of texts in both English and Spanish. Jacob’s history classes also prepared for an impassioned debate about the goals of early America. By the end of the week, the student body was exhausted and relieved to have all of our work complete so that we can have a clear mind for expedition.

As we prepare to leave on our second expedition (this time to the canyons of Utah), there’s a feeling in the air—the general collecting and preparing of rations and gear; writing of last letters and savoring of last meals. Lots of hugs are going around, and we’re all bracing for the trip. Academic classes ended Tuesday, and we have since given the campus a makeover during Project Day: we painted, repaired, and built the grounds to HMI’s sky high standards. When we return to campus we’ll be able to admire our work, although it might be covered in snow by then! Overall, we’ve been working hard and playing hard—and looking forward to moments filled with quiet, friendship, and adventure in the canyons.


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