Semester 39: “Home again, home again!”

Home again, home again! Students arrived back on campus Sunday night from their 16-day excursions through the Utah canyons. While the cold, snowy air initially shocked the students who had become so accustomed to the blazing heat of the canyons, the empty campus was quickly filled by laughter, hugs, and many stories of adventure. There were no classes Monday or Tuesday, however, because there was still much to do! Monday was deissue day, where each student was assigned a chore in order to restore gear for future HMI expeditions. Whether it was cleaning and testing stoves, patching up tarps or repairing and refolding maps, everyone had a role to make sure that all gear was in working order. It was a great way to give back to the HMI community that provided us with these resources while simultaneously spending the day working with our friends. Once these tasks were complete, students made final personal preparations for the busy week up ahead. Tuesday concluded by the campfire where students performed skits explaining their favorite expedition memories in five minutes. A combination of happiness and nostalgia embraced the students as peers re-enacted fun chants, dances and stories from their trip. As the sun began to descend, our very own semester 39 students Ochan and Hazel took on the ukulele and guitar as we sang by the light of the fire.

Campus is overflowing with excitement to be back from expedition and to see everyone again. We have been slowly getting back into the swing of AMX, running the yellow loop (3.7 miles) on Wednesday. Thursday’s choice of activities was exactly what everyone needed, an opportunity to relax and goof off. People went to the aquatic center, and the boys were practicing new moves off the diving board. Another option was Latin dance lessons led by an apprentice, MJ, and students Jonathan, Emily, and Jared. They found YouTube tutorials to help them teach, although no one was able to follow along. People were tripping over their own feet. It was a hysterical sight full of laughter and smiles. No one cared they couldn’t dance well. Everyone kept trying, and eventually all got a hang of the steps by the end. A majority of the students did not want the dancing to end so the music was connected in Who’s Hall, and we continued dancing after the period was over until dinner.

This week we came back from expedition on Sunday evening. Class didn’t begin until Wednesday after two days of wrapping up expedition and using our solo spots on Tuesday. Coming back into class from expedition was a transition for everyone as we begin to start new units in all our classes. Knowing Thanksgiving break is coming up the teachers focused us to continue our school work and push ourselves for the next two weeks. Only having four days of school coming back was a pretty easy transition as the first days of class we were introduced into new academic topics to look forward to.

On Sunday, the HMI Semester woke up at different times; those who wanted to pursue Colorado College had to sacrifice their sleep hours for the experience. The rest of the semester ventured to hot springs, or merely stayed on campus and hung out. The bus rides were all quite standard and uneventful. The students who went to the college visit enjoyed the delicious buffet bar, where the waffles were a big hit. After an information session, the students divided into different tour groups where the entertaining tour guides showed their campus to curious visitors. The hot springs were surely entertaining, as well as was the campus time. What an eventful weekend!




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