Semester 41: “These times are special and make Semester 41 what it will forever be: a community.”

Residential life at HMI is in a fun and relaxing environment, especially within the close knit community of our cabins and all of HMI. It’s really fun to walk to the West Building bathrooms and hear music blasting as people dance along outside while they brush their teeth. Some students report that they’ve never had so much fun brushing their teeth! It’s always a great feeling walking into your warm cozy cabin after coming in from the snow and the 10 degree weather outside. Students can’t think of a better environment to laugh off the stress of their busy academic schedule with some of our closest friends at HMI. Every cabin has something unique about themselves which is what makes it so special. In Cabin 6, Courtney sings and plays guitar to some original songs that she wrote, which are amazing!

Last weekend started off with a science lab learning about attitudinal zonation by going to Buena Vista and Granite to study plant life. After a quick math class in the afternoon we had town time and some down time. Dinner was a special meal in preparation for the Halloween dance! We all dressed in costumes and had a costume contest which included a jelly fish, Peter Pan and Wendy, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! We had a dance DJ’d by the apprentices and then all went to bed very worn out. Sunday morning we woke up early and got on the buses for a three hour ride to Great Sand Dunes National Park. Once we got there we all scattered around and began the long climb up to the top of a dune. Even though we didn’t go too far, it was still hard to walk in the sand. Even though it was difficult, it was so much fun getting down in-between the dunes, that we’d roll down or run as fast as we could. We all regrouped at the top of the dune and spent the afternoon hanging out with a beautiful view of the snowy mountains. After a spike ball tournament organized by Wyatt and some Frisbee games, we got back on the bus and drove to Salida to walk around and get pizza. We continued the journey back to campus for a snowy evening of study hall concluded with a birthday celebration for Cole! Usually our weekends aren’t so packed but this was such a great time and so amazing to see such a cool place! I’m looking forward to next weekend for a night at the film festival and then a great family weekend!

Dinner is one of HMI’s most sacred traditions. Before dinner, attendance is taken for all of the students. This is to ensure that all students are present for the festivities ahead. For most students, dinner is more than just a time for meals. It’s a time to socialize, chill, or even do some work. This is crucial as most students are busy most of the day with school work and classes. Dinner is often the only time where we all meet at one place just to get to know one another. Dinner is where we form irreplaceable memories and bond. Dinner is the only time where us as people become a community. A community that strengthens our bonds and friendships with each other as the days dwindle down. These times are special and make Semester 41 what it will forever be: a community.


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