Semester 42: Sunny Days on Campus

As the snow melts and the Sun comes out, people’s smiles get a little bigger every day. Despite the heavy loads of homework, everyone on campus is finding ways to have fun. Many of us have found that going on runs together is something that helps us relax and focus on school work.

This Saturday, we took a trip to Salida to explore the town and to go bowling. It was about an hour long drive filled with car games and loud music. Once we arrived, we split up into groups of six-ish (so we wouldn’t overwhelm the locals) and we hit the town. One group stopped for coffee and candy and then headed to the thrift store at the end of the street. With our bowling shirts purchased and our pockets stuffed with candy, we were ready to bowl. We put the bumpers up and our game faces on, ready to grace the lanes of “Split Happens” with our aggressively mediocre bowling skills. After a night in the alley, we were given ice cream sandwiches and drove back to HMI well fed and happy.

Now that we are in the final swing of academics before spring break, classwork has increased significantly. Our biggest essay thus far was due and, as a community, we all joined together hand-in-hand to edit each others essays and support each other with hugs, candy, music, and songs. Despite academic stress, laughter filled the air during study hall on Sunday night. It is during times like these when the community comes closer together, even if that is through common struggle. Now that most of us have finished our essays, we taken a deep breath of fresh air and start to dream of parents weekend, our planners filled but our spirits higher than ever.

A couple weeks ago after after lunch on a sunny day our Head of School, Danny,  challenged us to race  across our very snowy soccer field. The snow was hard, half melted, and waist deep for many. The race was quite difficult, but we persisted because the prize for the winner was a pint of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. Upon hearing this, Cabin 6 decided to do whatever it took to win so that they could share the pint of creamy deliciousness. In the end Cabin 6 won, getting a pint of cookie dough Ben and Jerry’s. Now, the snow on the soccer field is mostly packed down so that we can play snow soccer!