HMI Day 2019

Every year on October 2nd, HMI alumni from all over the country gather to celebrate HMI Day. HMI Day is always on October 2nd (10/2) to signify 10,200 feet⁠—the elevation of Leadville. This year, over 100 alumni met up in 20 different locations to eat good food, spend time outside, and reminisce about time spent at HMI and in Leadville.

HMI Day helps bring folks from many different HMI programs and semesters together and fosters a continuation of our alumni community no matter how far from Leadville people are.

We want to extend a HUGE thank you to all of our HMI Day hosts this year! Without their enthusiasm for hosting, HMI Day would not have been possible.

Already excited for HMI Day next year? Let Barrett know if you’d like to host something in your area. Or, better yet, plan an event even sooner! HMI Day-style events can happen whenever, wherever. Connect with folks on our online alumni community HMI Connects, or reach out to Barrett for a list of people in your area.