HMI Gap: When words aren’t enough–a photo essay through Southeast Utah’s canyons.

Photos and words by: Lukas S., Matthew S., and Claire S. 

Looking into the night sky at the confluence of Fry and White Canyon–there is only 1% light pollution. Photo by: Lukas S.

Great view of the Ancestral Puebloan ruins in Fry Canyon while walking to our 2nd campsite. Featuring Matthew S. Photo by: Lukas S. 

Inside the depths of White Canyon on a reflective silent hike. Featuring Lukas S.

Exiting Nook Canyon after a long and exhausting day of hiking and the first day of student-led scouting. Featuring: the squad. Photo by: Lukas S. 

A bizarre scene. Snow on the ground in the pinyon-juniper desert landscape following a blizzard. Photo by: Lukas S. 

A group of students on a 12-mile hike looking towards the Henry mountain range. Photo by: Lukas S. 

Students ready to rappel into Urban Cowboy Canyon on their last day canyoneering in the desert. Photo by: Lukas S. 

Students and instructors running a slot canyon in Urban Cowboy Canyon. Photo by: Lukas S. 

A student on rappel, descending into the depths of Gravel Canyon. Photo by: Lukas S. 

An instructor lights the way up a climb to the upper bench above Cowboy and Gravel Canyons. Photo by: Lukas S. 

Students walking in line to avoid the “biocrust” (or “living-soil”) on their first completely student-led hiking day. Photo by: Lukas S. 

Nicholas, an instructor, leads an introduction to salsa dancing lesson on a rest day. Photo by: Claire S. 

F-Trek 2 attempts to set a record by fitting 15 people into one tent to huddle for warmth during a 15-degree cold snap! Photo by: Claire S. 

The beautiful, organized chaos of our group kitchen. Photo by: Claire S. 

The short, yet daunting, swim at the end of our first rappel in Fry Canyon. (Don’t worry—we all made it :)) Photo by: Claire S. 

Solar flares meet the presence of cross-bedding amidst the geologic layer in the sandstone in Fry Canyon. Photo by: Claire S.