Greetings from the HMI Alumni Council!

Dear Alumni,

We hope you are taking care of yourselves and others during this difficult time. We are writing to you as the Alumni Council to share three important things to HMI and our alumni. We want to introduce how we as the Alumni Council are helping make HMI a better school, highlight the actions HMI is taking to increase diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) as a school, and share details about this year’s Summit Challenge. We are also excited to share that Semester 45 is in full swing! They are returning from their Third Expedition in Utah tomorrow. HMI’s Semester and Gap programs continue to operate smoothly with adapted risk management protocols in place. 

The Alumni Council is made up of alumni who represent a range of Semesters, professions, geographic regions, and interests. We discuss opportunities for alumni leadership in HMI’s future, consult on HMI’s strategic planning and fundraising, and stimulate HMI’s growing alumni network. About a year ago, the Council formed a DEI subcommittee that is focused on providing an explicit lens of DEI to Alumni Council actions and priorities, with a special emphasis on racial equity and inclusion. The DEI Subcommittee contributes guiding materials to the Council on engaging a diverse alumni community in an equitable fashion and cultivates conversations on DEI. In addition, the HMI Board has one ex-officio Alumni Council board member to communicate information between the Alumni Council and the Board.

HMI’s Alumni Council on campus for their annual meeting in spring 2019.

Making the HMI experience available to everyone is a priority for HMI. We believe that diversity, equity and inclusion are essential to growth and learning. We all achieve our potential when each person in the community feels a true sense of belonging, and has the confidence to express their full self. HMI has taken a number of steps to increase diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives and resources, including expanding financial aid; marketing our programs to historically marginalized communities; diversifying our faculty, staff and board; and dedicating time and resources to DEI training for our team. This work is long overdue, and there is still a lot of work to be done. 

Much of the Alumni Council’s focus in the fall is on the Summit Challenge. The Summit Challenge helps fund financial aid at HMI, making the HMI experience financially possible for students from many different backgrounds, contributing to the special group that joins us in Leadville at the start of each Summer Term, Semester, or Gap Program. 

We recognize that this year many of you are contributing to causes you deeply care about to help others in need and change the world we live in. Systemic racism, environmental disasters exacerbated by climate change, and the ongoing pandemic have caused many to lose jobs, homes, and loved ones. In the face of these challenges, we continue to have hope and build towards a better and more equitable future. As you consider your year-end donations, we hope you’ll consider contributing to HMI. We believe that helping students grow into leaders, thoughtful citizens, and independent thinkers is more important than ever before. We believe HMI is important. Your gift, no matter the amount, will make a huge difference in the life of a future HMI student who may not otherwise be able to attend. You can give online on Venmo.

We cannot wait to see you back on campus in the future, when it is safe to gather. Until then, sign-up to receive regular updates from HMI here, follow us on Instagram, and join our online networking community, HMI Connects. Want to organize a virtual reunion with HMI friends? Contact Barrett Donovan at

With gratitude,
The HMI Alumni Council

Alexa Adams Semester 28 Student & Semester 40 Apprentice

Andrew “Bernie” Bernstein Semester 8 Student

Emily Blau Semester 21 Student & Semester 33 Apprentice

Harrison Buck Semester 9 Student, High Peaks Adventure Apprentice, Semester 21 Apprentice

Alanna Gino Semester 1 Student

Erik Levy Semester 7 Student

Dan Lustick Semester 8 Student

Colleen Orr Semester 27 Student 

Arthur Piantedosi Semester 23 Student, Semester 37 Apprentice, Summer Adjunct Faculty

Adrian Pforzheimer Semester 22 Student & Semester 34 Apprentice

Scout Sorcic Leading Edge 2009 Student, Summer Term 2011 Student, Summer Term 2014 Intern

Elizabeth Sinclaire Semester 13 Student

Emy Takinami Semester 25 Student & Summer Term 2011 Intern

Seton Talty Alumni Council Chair, Semester 24 Student, Semester 36 Apprentice

Sam Timberg Semester 7 Student & Summer Term 2005 Intern

Parker Watson Semester 22 Student

Alexandra Wingert Semester 18 Student

Barrett Donovan HMI Director of Communication & Engagement, Semester 26 Student, Semester 37 Apprentice