HMI Gap: Reflecting on Challenge & Reward

written by Jake Wang


Disclaimer: **If you’ve never experienced an HMI program before many of Jake’s references may leave you scratching your head…we’ve got a pretty impressive lexicon of random terms that eventually become like a second language to students**

From Jake: 

We’re on the way back from the Kofa, our toughest segment yet. With challenges comes character growth, and we wrote a poem reflecting this experience. 

Simple in means, rich in ends

Appreciating the canyon’s twists, turns, and bends

All belongings compressed into a 50 pound pack

Joys in the pricks, falls, and strains in the back


Time is warped into a stuff sack, jumbled and contorted 

“3, 12 hour days is nothing” the mega-LODS retorted

No clean water, no service, no showers

Only whisper lights, simple meal, and “towers of powers” 


Each cool group is an ecosystem, a microcosm of society

Control of power from the LODs, route changes filed with notoriety

Despite societal implications permeating throughout the group

They march onwards like a troop


With struggles in a harsh environment, we still full send

Simple in means, rich in ends

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