HMI Semester 46 Arrives on Campus; Departs on Expedition

We were very pleased to welcome the students of Semester 46 to campus on Wednesday, January 27th. After two days of orientation and wilderness preparation, the students departed on their 14-day First Expedition to the canyons of southeastern Utah. 

Semester 46 students practiced setting up their tents ("Mids") in the HMI library

Prior to the semester start, all 49 students quarantined for two weeks and received a negative COVID-19 test result. Upon arrival to HMI students were immediately separated into expedition cohorts of 9-10 students each. Every student and wilderness instructor was COVID tested on day one–the results of which have all since come back negative. Students and instructors will receive a second COVID test upon returning to campus. 

Students wore N95 masks while traveling to Utah