School Leadership

Barrett 2019-2

Barrett Donovan

Director of Communication & Engagement

Chris Barlow

Director of HMI Gap

Justin Talbot

Director of Wilderness Programs & Risk Management
Lupe Headshot

Lupe Bobadilla

Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion; Admissions Officer
Amy 2020

Amy Roberts

Director of HMI Semester & Academic Dean
Avery 2019-2

Avery Kernan

Dean of Apprentice Program
Danny O’Brien

Danny O’Brien

Head of School

Em Ducharme

Director of Finance & Operations
Ray headshot photoshopped-3

Ray McGaughey

Director of Admissions & Financial Aid

HMI Semester Faculty

Jessi 2021

Jessi Friedman

Math Faculty
Pooja 2021

Pooja Desai

Humanities Faculty
Jesse 2021

Jesse Remeis

Math Faculty
Izzy 2020

Izzy Zucker

Science Faculty
Jess 2019-2

Jessica Wolinsky

Dean of Students
Erik 2019-3

Erik Schmidt

History Faculty
Jacob 2020

Jacob Sheetz-Willard

English Faculty
Hayden 2020

Hayden Shea

Residential Life & Science Faculty
Dylan B 2020-2

Dylan Barnes

Spanish Faculty

Advancement Office Staff


Louisa McBride

Advancement Associate
Claire 2019-2

Claire Sutton

Assistant Director of HMI Gap

Operations & Program Staff

Luke headshot

Luke Bazemore

Academic and Wellness Support Fellow
Emily 2021

Emily Wheeler

School Counselor
Gabi 2021

Gabi Saliamonas

Cook & Kitchen Manager
Jill 2021

Jill Gardiner

Administrative Manager & Registrar
Steph 2021

Steph Schneider

Gap Logistics Coordinator
DCB 2019-2

Dave Clark-Barol

Director of Summer Programs & Wilderness Coordinator
Tom 2021

Tom Judge

Facilities Manager

HMI Gap Faculty


Alex Snyder

Gap Faculty
Holewski, Libbey

Libbey Howleski

Gap Faculty
Steph 2021

Steph Schneider

Gap Logistics Coordinator
Emily Shannon (3)

Emily Shannon

Gap Faculty
wetzel headshot-2

Olivia Wetzel

Gap Faculty
Sydney Stein

Sydney Stein

Gap Faculty
Kaelin, Sam-2

Sam Kaelin

Gap Faculty
Hill, Michael-2

Michael Hill

Gap Faculty
Reilly, Mike-2

Mike Reilly

Gap Faculty
Bollen, Nicholas-2

Nicholas Bollen

Gap Faculty

Madeline Short

Gap Faculty
Fowler, Grace, Photo-2

Grace Fowler

Gap Faculty
Shona Estey-Edwards

Shona Estey-Edwards

Gap Faculty
Claire 2019-2

Claire Sutton

Assistant Director of HMI Gap

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