College Connections

HMI alumni currently attend colleges and universities all across the country! The HMI community lives on at many of these schools, where alumni get together to hike, ski, reminisce about Leadville.

If you are interested in connecting with HMI alumni at your college, reach out to the representative for your school listed below!  These representatives are also great resources for alumni working through the college application process – they are more happy to answer your questions, or meet up with you during your visit!

Bates CollegeMadison Liistro (Semester 33)

Colby College: Helen Sears (Semester 34)

Colorado College: Madison Wilkinson (Semester 33)

Dartmouth College: Michael Kellman (Semester 33)

Middlebury College: Avery Dyer (Semester 35)

Skidmore College: Lily Esposito (Semester 35)

St. Lawrence University: Liza Potter (Semester 31)

University of Vermont: Isabelle Page (Semester 32)

Williams College: Hannah Goldstein (Semester 34)

Whitman College: Lorin Demuth & Tressa Fallon (Semester 34)

Yale UniversityMartha Longley (Semester 30)

Interested in starting a college group that isn’t already listed? Email Barrett at