Alumni of Color Retreat

Join us for the inaugural Alumni of Color Retreat prior to the 20-Year Reunion to celebrate diversity and to connect with fellow alumni of color. This event will include networking and community building opportunities and serve as a space to discuss diversity initiatives at HMI.

The event will kick-off on June 7th with a welcome dinner at Turquoise Lake, and will continue through June 8th to include a hike in Buena Vista and a trip to Princeton Hot Springs.

The Alumni of Color Retreat is open to all who identify as HMI alumni of color. It is also open to any HMI apprentice or former faculty member who wishes to attend. The Retreat is free for all HMI Alumni! Read this letter from Retreat leader and semester alumna Emy Takinami about why this event is so important!

If you are interested in attending this event, you can sign-up while registering for the 20-Year Reunion.

Please reach out to Barrett Donovan (Alumni & Development Coordinator at HMI) or any of the Retreat leaders listed below with any questions you may have, and to join the Retreat mailing list.


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Alumni of Color Retreat Leaders

Keanna Hunter: “I am Keanna Hunter, a Summer Term 2016 alumna and current freshman at Brown University. Like many alumni, I made life long friends and memories immersing myself in the idyllic bubble of love, community, friendship and respect created with my peers. While the time was short, I can undoubtedly say that HMI has enriched my life. As a black alumna, I am overjoyed to participate in this event and meet other alumni whose lives were impacted by HMI. This is the first step in many HMI is taking to create a more diverse and inclusive community, and by attending we show that HMI is moving in the right direction. I can’t wait to see you all there!”


Brayhan Reveles: “Hi everyone! My name is Brayhan Reveles and I am a current senior at Lake County High School in Leadville, Colorado. HMI made a large impact in my life and it was an incredible opportunity to attend because of all the amazing friends and opportunities that I had. I attended HMI Semester 38 and the 2014 High Peaks Adventure Trip. In the past I have mentored and taught English and Spanish speaking youth how to ski at the local ski hill, taught them how to mountain bike, and helped lead a backpacking trip with HMI for Lake County youth. I am currently studying to obtain an Associates Degree in Outdoor Education from the local college so that I can help other Latin@s and students of color have all the extraordinary  experiences that I had growing up. The HMI Alumni of Color Retreat is an incredible way of connecting so many great individuals to each other to help HMI create a more diverse community.  I am glad that I will be a part of the process to address issues of diversity that HMI  because it is an amazing place that everyone should get to experience! I am excited to meet, reconnect, and enjoy time with you all!”

Stephany Subdiaz: “I was born and raised in LA. I’m an RMS 26 alumni. I graduated from UC Santa Cruz in 2016. I studied Earth Science at UC Santa Cruz and worked at the Recreation Department the whole time I was there. Since graduating I’ve worked for Adventure Risk Challenge, Ventana Wilderness Alliances’ Youth in Wilderness Program, UCSC’s Wilderness Orientation, completed an apprenticeship at HMI and occasionally returned to work instructor and director positions at the UCSC Recreation Department. Working in outdoor education is important to me because I can understand and support my students of color through their experiences in outdoor settings where they might feel challenged in a way their peers don’t. The Alunmi of Color Retreat is important for connecting HMI alumni of color with each other, creating networking opportunities and brainstorming ways HMI can better support their students of color. I grew so much while at HMI as a student and a wilderness instructor. I think it’s great that HMI is addressing issues of diversity and I’m excited to contribute to those conversations.”

Emy Takinami:

“I’m a Semester 25 alumna and interned for the Lake County Backpacking Trip and the High Peak Adventure Trip in 2015. I graduated from the University of Vermont where I volunteered as the Alumni Representative for HMI as well. I am passionate about educational justice and equity and currently work as a college advisor for the non-profit, Steps to Success in Brookline, MA, where I serve low-income, first-generation college students. Outside of work, I teach free yoga classes to low-income students.  I also volunteer as an instructor for the Appalachian Mountain Club’s Youth Opportunity Program, where I lead outdoor leadership trainings to urban youth workers and teachers across New York, New Jersey, and New England.” Read a letter from Emy to the HMI Community here.