11Jul, 2019

HMI Gap: Leading with Purpose

If you are a teenager, live with one, or have even ever been one, you probably recognize a fascinating paradox that characterizes adolescence: phases of seemingly intractable apathy, listlessness, and angst contrasted starkly by periods of intense focus, passion, and …

11Mar, 2019

HMI Gap: Futaleufú by foot and by boat

Futaleufú! A world-renowned center of whitewater rafting, home to high mountains and grand valleys, and generally just a really cool place to spend three weeks. We came here for two reasons: a trek around Espolón Lake and a week-long rafting …

18Feb, 2019

HMI Gap: Life on First Expedition

Spring Semester in Patagonia Written by Selena Lee and Alex Fogel Our first expedition went faster than we imagined. We are a group of 6 girls who immediately connected through our shared passions for nature and the environment. We had …

10Nov, 2018

HMI Gap: Goodbye Utah

Rock Climbing Group (F-Rock) Written by Olivia Hunt Coming to you from Big Bend Utah, F-Rock has had an amazing last few weeks. We have focused on more advanced rock climbing skills, such as multi-pitching, and we have really bonded …

03Nov, 2018

HMI Gap: Enchanted by the Canyons

Wilderness Group (F-Trek) Written by Miranda Mix and Coleman Walsh Salutations from the slot canyons of Southern Utah! Our group has been through thick and thin during the past two weeks. Whether through surveying the riparian zone in Bullet Canyon, …

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