04May, 2022

HMI Gap: The Final Expedition

Rosa and Amelia are here to talk about our last expedition together. As a culmination of everything we’ve learned about living in the backcountry this semester, the students worked together to plan one final trek, led by our fearless Student …

24Mar, 2022

Semester 48: 2nd Expedition

Written by: Hugo, Charlie, Beatty, Alden, & Annie Grace Group A: I can confidently say that the Second Expedition of the HMI Spring Semester was one of, if not the most, unique experience that every student currently at HMI has …

22Mar, 2022

Gap: A magical week on the Futa River.

What a wet (but wonderful) week! We are currently back at Las Natalias in Futaleufú decompressing from a once-in-a-lifetime experience on a world renowned river, the Futaleufú.  Brett here! One thing that I find really amazing about this experience is …

14Mar, 2022

Gap: Futaleufú Development Trek

“Trip of spontaneity” Day 1: Driven before hiking 30 minutes Erwin’s house Day 2: Lamb slaughter, ferry, driven to Melvina’s Day 3: Melvina gave us a tour of her farm and told us about farm life; chores around the farm; …

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