16 December

Semester 43: Final Days

Written by: Brandon, Mae, Kendall, Julia T. This past week has been a busy but fun final week of academics! Time was split between finishing up final projects and apprentices teaching their units. After a busy weekend, I submitted a …

hmi gap, adventure and conservation, patagonia national park, backpacking
11 December

HMI Gap: Saying Good-bye

Written by: Pearl Just two days ago, HMI Gap fall semesters came to a close. At the end of every HMI program, students do a Solo, during which they write their Full Circle, a reflection exercise to consider what they …

HMI gap, adventure and conservation, backpacking, patagonia national park, gap year
27 November

Gap: Traditions of Patagonia

Written by: Josh and Laria I’ve been horizontal for 11 hours and caught about 5 hours of sleep. The wind has been assaulting our “tent” for about 14 hours. It’s a good thing Flynn was running around all night keeping …

15 November

Semester 43: Back on Campus

Written by: Montana, Ian, Leilani, & Chace This week in HMI academics, our studies took us from the base of Mount Elbert to America’s revolutionary past. In English class, we continued our reading and discussion of Ceremony, a novel about …

04 November

Semester 43: 2nd Expedition

Written by: Jack, Zack, Rory, & Lucas Group A: After a month of classes on campus, we traveled back into the backcountry. During the day, the warm air of the desert made us sweaty and tired and during the night …

22 October

HMI Day 2019

Every year on October 2nd, HMI alumni from all over the country gather to celebrate HMI Day. HMI Day is always on October 2nd (10/2) to signify 10,200 feet⁠—the elevation of Leadville. This year, over 100 alumni met up in …