04May, 2022

HMI Gap: The Final Expedition

Rosa and Amelia are here to talk about our last expedition together. As a culmination of everything we’ve learned about living in the backcountry this semester, the students worked together to plan one final trek, led by our fearless Student …

22Mar, 2022

Gap: A magical week on the Futa River.

What a wet (but wonderful) week! We are currently back at Las Natalias in Futaleufú decompressing from a once-in-a-lifetime experience on a world renowned river, the Futaleufú.  Brett here! One thing that I find really amazing about this experience is …

14Mar, 2022

Gap: Futaleufú Development Trek

“Trip of spontaneity” Day 1: Driven before hiking 30 minutes Erwin’s house Day 2: Lamb slaughter, ferry, driven to Melvina’s Day 3: Melvina gave us a tour of her farm and told us about farm life; chores around the farm; …

01Mar, 2022

HMI Gap Returns to Patagonia!

Spring Trek’s First Update From Patagonia!  After 13 days in the backcountry, we are all back “home” happy and healthy in Chile Chico. And we have had quite an adventure over the past two weeks! We started off with a …

10Dec, 2021

Gap: Trek’s Final Blog Post!

By Devon and Carter. Ah, the Kofa Wildlife Refuge.  Our final expedition of this program was jam-packed with both fun and challenging days. As we rolled into the wilderness refuge we quickly became acquainted with a slightly malicious species of …

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