10May, 2022

The HMI Chicken Coop Co-Op

BWOK! BWOK! BWOK! It is 6 a.m., the sun is rising over the HMI campus, and the early morning peace has been shattered by the clucking of 20 brightly-feathered chickens, the newest and noisiest residents of Grey Jay Way. The …

10Aug, 2021

HMI Semester Update: COVID-19 Protocols

Dear Semester 47 students and families, I’m writing today with important and timely news of updates to our COVID-19 protocols and guidelines concerning vaccines, testing, and visitors.  We are closely monitoring the current national surge in COVID-19 cases, specifically the …

26Apr, 2021

HMI COVID-19 Update

An HMI student tested positive for COVID-19 on March 31, 2021 at Rocky Mountain Family Practice (RMFP) in Leadville. Upon receiving news of this first positive case, HMI immediately initiated its COVID-19 protocols and began consulting with the school’s physician …

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