HMI alumni attend colleges all over and study a variety of topics. These HMI alumni have volunteered to be a resource for anyone applying for colleges or looking to transfer colleges. Please contact if you are interested in being a college connection or have any questions!


Ellie McLaughlin

Dartmouth College
Isabella Whelan

Isabella Whelan

Colby College

Eunice Gao

Carleton College

Nathaniel Cutler

Colorado College

Liam Schwartz

Hamline Univsersity
ST19-Dan’s Group-1st Exped-Collegiates-Headshot-C Hildebrand

Catherine Hildebrand

University of Michigan
_SEM 44-Dylan’s Group-1st Exped-Jacobs Chair-Headshot-B Adler

Benny Adler

Bowdoin College
image_6487327 (1)

Sarah Jane O’Connor

Middlebury College
Screenshot 2021-11-18 104056

Jane Lovett

Scripps College
ST19-Clare’s Group-2nd Exped-Sawatch-Headshot-G Johansson

Grace Johansson

University Of Florida

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