In the interest of offering families clarity as you plan to join HMI, we have outlined and updated
our COVID-19 cancellation and refund policies here.

If HMI is unable to begin a program, will we receive a full refund?
Yes. If we are unable to begin a program, we will issue a full refund to enrolled families. This
refund will include the “non-refundable” deposit you paid to secure your place, as well as all
tuition and Student Account deposits paid afterwards.

When will HMI make the call to not run a program?
If HMI decides that we cannot run our program as planned, either because of government
mandates or other concerns, we will communicate the news to families. We will be in touch with
all enrolled families as we approach the tuition balance due dates (Please review your
enrollment agreement for the dates specific to your program). At that time, we will offer
guidance to families about our current expectations. We will do everything in our power to avoid
asking families to pay full tuition, and then shortly thereafter issue refunds.

If HMI decides to start a program but with significant changes to program structure, will
families have the chance to opt out?
Yes. If HMI opts to offer programming that significantly departs from our current program, we
will offer families the chance to opt out before the program starts and receive a full refund.
Will you be issuing a revised enrollment agreement?
This formal communication will serve as an addendum to our existing enrollment agreement.
Please be in touch with any questions about our cancellation and refund policies. We will
continue to reach out as our plans and expectations evolve

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