HMI Educators Expedition: Leadership in Action

Join us this summer for a professional development opportunity to learn and recharge in the beautiful Rocky Mountains! During a week-long backpacking expedition for teachers and school leaders, you will explore what makes HMI such a transformative experience in the lives of our students and consider how you can inspire similar outcomes at your school.

If you have ever thought that you are only scratching the surface of your students’ leadership potential or wondered how you can cultivate intentional community within the classroom or in the broader context of your school, this professional development opportunity is for you. Traveling through Colorado’s dramatic Sawatch Mountains and collaborating with like-minded educators will leave you excited to take advantage of all the opportunities you have to help students realize their full potential—as leaders, independent thinkers, and thoughtful citizens.

Although no experience is necessary, you will be hiking several miles per day at 10,000 feet above sea level so a basic level of physical fitness is important.

Program Outcomes

After this expedition, you will return to your school with a clear idea of how you can move beyond simply asking your students to be leaders by teaching them how to cultivate their own effective leadership style. You will learn and practice elements of a leadership curriculum designed specifically for adolescents, and have the opportunity to consider which ones are most appropriate for student leaders at your school. Participants will wrap up the program by creating plans to implement intentional student leadership training in their schools.

Sample Curriculum Elements

  • Communication skills: feedback, conflict resolution, teambuilding, expedition behavior
  • Effective leadership: leadership styles, practices, roles, decision-making
  • Personal and group goal setting
  • Risk analysis: judgment and risk assessment, benefits of risk, subjective and objective hazards
  • Reflection: developing your authentic leadership style

Why HMI?

For twenty years, HMI has offered best-in-class programs that nurture personal growth which transcends the boundaries of our campus. Students return from HMI with the skills to work effectively on a team and emerge as leaders in their community. Our Educators Expedition invites you to become part of this amazing HMI experience and bring our curriculum back to your school.