This is not running in 2018, but will in Summer 2019. Please be in touch with Jessica Fuller (jfuller@hminet.org) if you have questions or would like to be added to our mailing list as we begin to enroll!

We are thrilled that you will be joining us this summer in Colorado for the Educators Expedition! Below you will find all of the forms that need to be printed, filled out, and returned to HMI. Please return your completed paperwork to Jessica Fuller via mail (531 County Rd 5A, Leadville, CO 80461), via fax (719-486-8201) or via email (jfuller@hminet.org) as soon as possible.

Questions about registration, the program, or other logistics: Contact Jessica Fuller, Director of Programs, at 719-486-8200 ×107 or jfuller@hminet.org.

Questions about the wilderness program or equipment: Contact Justin Talbot at 719-486-8200 x122 or via email at jtalbot@hminet.org.

Enrollment forms due two weeks after registration:

Information (does not need to be returned):

Paperwork to completed and returned by May 15: