HMI Semester Financial Contribution Estimator

We are committed to making our school accessible and affordable. For this reason, we created the Financial Contribution Estimator tool to help families gauge their potential tuition contribution. 

The Financial Contribution Estimator is not a calculator, and an actual financial aid award may differ significantly from the amount indicated by this tool. Many factors that are taken into account when evaluating a family’s financial need, such as age of parents, regional cost of living, family assets, and actual cost of other tuition-charging schools, are not taken into account by the estimator. The Contribution Estimator is not a commitment on the part of the school to award financial aid.

If you would like a more definitive answer as to whether or not you will qualify for financial aid at HMI, please reach out to Ray McGaughey, Director of Admissions & Financial Aid. We will invite you to submit a complete financial aid application for processing. 

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