Making HMI Stronger and More Accessible

A healthy endowment is indicative of a healthy school. Since 2013, donors have built an unrestricted endowment of over $10 million for HMI. These funds will always be in place to help HMI offer the same transformational experience tomorrow as we do today. We are proud of our endowment’s growth over the years. The stronger our endowment, the more we are able to recruit and retain a diverse staff and student body, compensate our incredible faculty and staff, and maintain the campus that our students call home. Currently, 100% of our unrestricted endowment draw went to providing financial aid.

Current HMI Endowments Include:

If you are interested in supporting HMI for the long-term by making a gift to the endowment, please contact our Director of Communication & Engagement,  Barrett Donovan, at or 719-486-8200 x118.

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