Your Gift to the HMI Fund Supports Three Key Things

Each year, generous donors give over $500,000 to the HMI Fund. HMI Fund donors are invested in caring for the students, employees, and facilities that create such a powerful experience. With your help, our students realize their potential—as leaders, independent thinkers, and thoughtful citizens.

Financial Aid

HMI Fund donors provide the financial aid that is critical to bringing students with a variety of life experiences to HMI. We could not offer  $1,000,000 in financial aid annually without support from our community. This financial aid allows us to craft a community where talent, ambition, and curiosity take precedent—not a family’s ability to pay for tuition, gear, and travel.

Faculty & Staff support

The success of our programs rests clearly on the shoulders of HMI’s dynamic faculty and staff. The HMI Fund helps provide competitive compensation and professional development for our team. Thanks to HMI Fund donors, we have increased our professional development budget by 100% so that we can better serve students from all walks of life.

Campus Improvements

Dynamic and well-maintained infrastructure is critical to support the power of each student experience. Thanks to HMI Fund donors, we recently upgraded the wood-burning stoves in student cabins,  added water cisterns for fire safety, installed high-speed internet for more efficient learning, and purchased new maintenance equipment for better care of our facilities.

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