HMI Fund

Your consistent and generous support is vital to HMI.

The High Mountain Institute is focused on creating a sustainable future in which we continue to provide unique, meaningful, and lasting educational opportunities for young people.

Your gift to the HMI Fund supports three key areas of the school:

Financial Aid

Annual support for financial aid diversifies the student body and allows each applicant’s enthusiasm, intellectual curiosity, and differences to be our primary admission criteria.

  • Each year, the HMI Fund helps us meet the full financial need of each curious and courageous student we accept into our school.
Faculty and Staff

The success of the High Mountain Institute programs rests clearly on the shoulders of HMI’s dedicated and dynamic faculty and staff. The HMI Fund helps provide appropriate compensation and professional development for our uniquely qualified faculty and staff.

  • The HMI Fund has sent our faculty to the Stanley H. King Counseling Institute and to the Conference on Mathematics, Science and Technology at Phillips Exeter Academy.
Campus Improvements

The school is committed to a dynamic and well-maintained infrastructure to support the efficiency, effectiveness, and relative comfort of each student experience. Ongoing maintenance and adherence to current standards for technology, buildings, and energy efficiency are a constant necessity.

  • With HMI Fund dollars, we recently upgraded the wood-burning stoves in student cabins so that these HMI hallmarks could meet new expectations for efficiency.

You can make a gift to the HMI Fund here.