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 HMI Gap


Why HMI Gap?

Is HMI accredited?

Who is the “typical” HMI Gap Student?

What ages are eligible to attend an HMI Gap Semester?

Do I need previous experience?

How many students and instructors will there be in each course?

Who are your faculty and what are their qualifications?

Do I need to speak spanish for the Patagonia sections?

Where will I stay during the semester?

What happens if a student gets sick or injured during the program?

What equipment will I need in order to participate?

What kind of food will I eat during an HMI Gap Semester?

Can you accommodate dietary restrictions?

How often will I get to communicate with my family and friends?

Does HMI Gap offer financial aid?

Do you accept 529 Educational Savings Plans?

Do you offer college credit?

What is your cancellation policy?

Do you recommend travel insurance?

What is your drug and alcohol policy?