Enrollment Information

 Accepted students will receive a link via email to view, sign, and submit enrollment documents electronically. 

HMI Gap admission is rolling. Initial enrollment forms and deposits are due by the date indicated on your acceptance letter. Deposit checks should be mailed and made out to: HMI Gap, 531 County Rd 5A, Leadville, CO 80461 

All remaining paperwork, as well as tuition and student account deposits, are due by July 15th for fall semester students and December 1st for spring semester students.

 Invoices for tuition payments will be sent by email to families in advance of the due date. 

Paperwork (to be completed online through your portal):

Please visit our online enrollment portal to enroll electronically. Once in the portal, you will fill out the following three forms (available here for reviewing purposes only–please do not print and sign these forms by hand!)

Program Information (does not need to be returned):

If you have questions about enrollment, the program, or any other logistics, please contact the gap team at gap@hminet.org or 719-486-8200 x112.

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