HMI is formally partnered with eight schools

Member schools have a formal relationship with HMI. We work to align our academic curricula as closely as possible with that of our member schools and regularly invite member school administrators to visit our campus. Our member schools have made significant commitments to HMI by allowing financial aid to travel with their students who participate in the HMI Semester. To learn about signing your school on as an HMI member school, please contact the admissions office

  1. Concord Academy – Concord, MA
  2. Crossroads School for Arts & Sciences – Santa Monica, CA
  3. Dana Hall School – Wellesley, MA 
  4. The Hotchkiss School – Lakeville, CT
  5. Lake County High School – Leadville, CO
  6. Lakeside School – Seattle, WA
  7. Noble and Greenough School – Dedham, MA
  8. Packer Collegiate Institute – Brooklyn, NY

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