For the Student

Please email this page to your teacher so that they may fill out a recommendation form on your behalf. The “Application Status” box in your online application will update within 2-3 business days when we have received one or both of your recommendations.

For the Teacher

Please fill out this form to complete the recommendation for the candidacy of your student. In an effort to evaluate our applicants fairly, we ask that all teachers follow the recommendation format laid out by HMI. We keep all recommendations confidential–students and families will not have access to them at any time. If your school requires that all student recommendations be approved internally, please email us, and we will send you a word document version of the form. 

A copy of your recommendation will be emailed to you upon submitting. 

Recommendations for the HMI Semester and HMI Summer Term are due each year by February 15.

Thank you!

HMI Admissions

(719) 486-8200 x 1

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