Optional: submit a two-minute video as an essay response

While HMI does not offer interviews for prospective students, you may elect to submit one of your personal essay responses in video format. You will not be penalized in any way for choosing not to submit a video response. If you choose this option, you still need to answer the other two essays in written format. 

Please follow these instructions when recording your video:

  1. Your recording should be no more than two minutes long. You should respond to one of the essay prompts listed in the application. 
  2. You may choose to read a prepared essay or speak extemporaneously in response to the essay prompt.
  3. Your recording does not need to be extensively rehearsed or polished, and the video does not need to be edited. You may film your video “selfie-style” on your phone. 
  4. We encourage students to film in a quiet space that limits outside distractions (background noise, music, pet or sibling interference, etc). 

Please upload your video to the video-hosting platform of your choice (YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox, etc) and share the link with us in your application. If you chose to password-protect your video, please be sure to include the password in your application.