We have transitioned to online enrollment for the HMI Semester. Accepted families will receive a link via email to view, sign, and submit enrollment documents electronically. 

Enrollment forms and deposit are due by April 8. All remaining paperwork is due by May 15 for fall semester students and November 1 for spring semester students. Tuition balance and the student account deposit are due June 15 for fall semester students and November 1 for spring semester students. Invoices for tuition payments will be mailed to families six weeks before the due date. 

Enrolled Families: Please read & download the HMI Semester Enrollment and Onboarding Checklist so you do not miss any paperwork or payment deadlines!


Paperwork (to be completed online through your HMI portal):

Please visit our online enrollment portal to enroll electronically. Once in the portal, you will fill out the following three forms (available here for reviewing purposes only–please do not print and sign these forms by hand!):

HMI Semester Enrollment Agreement

Acknowledgement & Assumption of Risk and Release and Indemnity Agreement

General Medical History Information Forms

Medical Forms (to be uploaded into your HMI portal):

Health Care Provider Physical Form (to be completed by a Physician)

Rocky Mountain Family Practice Pre-registration Form (to be completed by student families)

Enrollment Forms for Teachers/Schools to Complete:

Questions about enrollment, travel, and deposits: Contact Jill Gardiner, Administrative Manager & Registrar for the HMI Semester, at 719-486-8200 x106 or via email at jgardiner@hminet.org.

Questions about academics: Contact Amy Roberts, Director of the HMI Semester, at 719-486-8200 x127 or via email at aroberts@hminet.org.

Questions about the wilderness program or equipment: Contact Justin Talbot at 719-486-8200 x111 or via email at jtalbot@hminet.org.

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