HMI Semester 50 Calendar

Dates: Wednesday, January 25 – Sunday, May 28, 2023

Students arrive in Denver by 2pm, depart for Leadville
Wednesday, January 25, 2023

  • Please book inbound flights that arrive at Denver International Airport between 10am and 2pm MT.
  • If you are dropping your student off on campus on January 25, it must be between no earlier than 1 pm and before 5 pm MT.

Orientation and expedition preparation
Thursday, January 26 – Friday, January 27

First Expedition: Canyons of Southeastern Utah
Saturday, January 28 – Thursday, February 9

Classes begin on campus
Monday, February 13

Ski Expedition: Sawatch and Mosquito Ranges, Colorado
Tuesday, March 7 – Friday, March 17

Classes resume on campus
Monday, March 20

Family Weekend
Friday, April 7 – Saturday, April 8

Spring Break (all students depart)
Sunday, April 9 – Sunday, April 16

  • Outbound flights from Denver International Airport on Sunday, April 9 should be booked to depart between 11:30am – 4pm MT.
  • Incoming flights to Denver International Airport on Sunday, April 16 should be booked to arrive between 10am – 2pm MT.
  • HMI will provide transportation to and from the airport for any student flying out/in for Spring Break.
  • If you are picking your student up from campus on April 9, it must be before 8 am MT.
  • If you are dropping your student off on campus on April 16, it must be between no earlier than 1 pm and before 5 pm MT.

Expedition preparation
Monday, April 17 – Tuesday, April 18

Third Expedition: Canyons of Southeastern Utah
Wednesday, April 19 – Monday, May 1

Classes resume on campus
Tuesday, May 2

Full Circle and closing ceremonies
Saturday, May 27

Students depart
Sunday, May 28, 2023

Please book outbound flights that depart Denver International Airport between 11:30am and 6pm MT.

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