Lake County High School Merit Scholarships

Each year, HMI offers at least two full merit-based scholarships to sophomores at Lake County High School (CO) to attend the HMI Semester as a junior or the 5-week HMI Summer Term. Applications are due by February 15th of a student’s sophomore year. 
  • Who should apply? The student who wants to challenge themselves academically and socially, try something completely new, gain a novel perspective on Leadville, and meet people from all over the country. Check out our video page to get an idea of what HMI is like.
  • What qualifications are considered? These merit scholarships will be awarded to the top two applicants from LCHS. We evaluate an applicant’s transcript, teacher recommendations, and personal essays as well as their involvement in extracurriculars such as team sports, volunteer activities, music, theater, etc.
  • How do I apply? Follow the instructions here. You will need to have LCHS submit your transcript to HMI, two teacher recommendations (at least one coming from a current academic teacher), and an online application that includes three short-answer essays.
  • Do I have to pay the application fee? No! LCHS applicants are except from the application fee. For information on how to waive the application fee, write
  • What will the semester cost my family? As an HMI Merit Scholar, you and your family do not pay for HMI tuition, gear rental, lodging, and food. The student and their family will pay for books, bookstore purchases, and any fees associated extracurricular activities (such as ice skate rentals, Leadville historic train rides, etc), totaling around $600 for the semester.
  • Can I apply if I live in Leadville but do not attend LCHS? You must attend LCHS to be eligible for the LCHS Merit Scholarship to HMI. However, you may still apply to the HMI Semester or HMI Summer Term and apply for need-based financial aid. Often, Leadville families qualify for close to full scholarships through the need-based financial aid pool.
HMI also offers a full merit scholarship each year to an LCHS 7th or 8th grader to attend the two-week High Peaks Adventure in June/July. Interested students should speak with their Crew teachers to be nominated for the scholarship.
Finally, HMI partners with Full Circle each summer to offer the Lake County Backpacking Trip, a free program open to all LCHS students who have finished 7th or 8th grade.

For more information about HMI opportunities available to LCHS students, contact the HMI admissions department: or (719) 486-8200 x1