On-Campus Packing List

Things to Bring

  • Clothes to wear on campus and during time off. We do not provide a specific list of exactly what clothes to bring to campus but bearing the following in mind should help:
    • Typically, students bring more than they need. You will have very limited storage space
      here. Your backpack (if you own one) and one large duffel should easily hold all your
    • We spend a lot of time during the Summer Term living out of our backpacks. We are
      able to carry everything we need for over a week at a time. As a result, when we return
      to campus, a few additional items feel like real luxuries. So in the spirit of “simple in
      means, rich in ends,” please limit the quantity of stuff you bring with you.
    • The emphasis at our school is on comfortable, practical, appropriate clothing that
      demonstrates respect for the various learning environments. All clothes should be clean,
      neat, and in good repair.
    • The average temperature range in Leadville during the summer is from about 35˚ F at
      night to 70˚ F during the day. Leadville’s record high is 85˚ F.
    • You may need one set of nice clothes (a tie or nice women’s clothes) for a possible
      semi-formal dinner and/or other special events on campus.
    • You will have a chance to do laundry once each week that we are on campus, so you
      should probably bring about 7-10 days’ worth of underwear, but 7 days of regular clothes
      is plenty since you can wear a pair of pants a couple of days without washing.
  • Comfortable every day shoes or sneakers
    • Running shoes (these should be shoes in good shape that support your foot well
      for running and field games.)
    • If you already own some: sport sandals with back strap (such as Tevas® or
      Chacos®) for rafting. If not, you can wear the pair of old running shoes / sneakers
      you bring for use on the expeditions.
  • Swimsuit
  • Sheets, blankets or a comforter (for extra-long twin beds), pillow and pillowcase (one set is plenty). Students will not want to sleep in their sleeping bag all summer, although some do choose to use the sleeping bag as an additional blanket on their beds.
  • Towel and washcloth (one towel is plenty since you can do laundry each week).
  • Laundry bag for storing your dirty laundry and taking it to the laundry room.
  • Watch with an alarm
  • Toiletries 
  • Camera and battery charger if needed

Optional Things to Bring

  • Musical Intruments
  • Alarm Clock for Cabin (battery-powered)
  • Recreational Equipment (hackey-sack, frisbee, etc.)
  • Bookbag or small backpack
  • iPod or MP3 Player (can’t be able to connect to the internet)

Things Not to Bring

  • Electric Guitars, Electric Keyboards, or other large loud instruments.
  • Internet-connected devices such as iPod Touches, Kindle Fires, Video Games, Smart Watched
  • Mountain bike, roadbike, longboard, skateboard, rollerblades, etc…

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