Risk Management & Safety at HMI

At the High Mountain Institute, we are proud of the quality of our programs, our safety record, and our risk management practices. The High Mountain Institute is fully accredited by the Association for Colorado Independent Schools and our field faculty and staff have first aid training. We strive to develop creative and challenging programming and endeavor to responsibly manage risks, knowing we cannot eliminate those risks. 

Students and their parents must understand that the High Mountain Institute does not offer “safe” programs and cannot guarantee students’ safety. Why not? Because a “safe program” would mean not exposing ourselves to any risk. Traveling in a wilderness environment or engaging in activities on or around campus, includes inherent and other risks, hazards and dangers that can cause or lead to injury, property damage or even death. For example, High Mountain Institute students are exposed to risks by skiing in avalanche terrain, climbing mountains, driving on snowy roads, and splitting firewood. High Mountain Institute activities, including those associated with wilderness travel and campus life, have inherent and other risks and are part of our programs.

While severe environmental risks like lightning strikes, animal attacks, and drownings in flash floods are all possible, most risk management issues at HMI stem from athletic injuries and mental health concerns.

For questions regarding HMI’s Risk Management program and policies please contact Justin Talbot at jtalbot@hminet.org or 719-486-8200 x111.
For more information please visit the following pages: 
  • Acknowledgement and Assumption of Risks and Release and Indemnity Agreement: Provides additional information about HMI program activities and associated risks, and student and parent responsibilities. In addition to other forms, participating students and their parents are required to sign this form before participating in any HMI program.
  • Essential Eligibility Criteria: These requirements help potential students and parents honestly identify the basic and fundamental elements of participation – integrally tied to safety and risk management considerations and consistent with HMI’s mission.

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