The HMI Semester is a unique opportunity for academically motivated high school juniors, and some seniors, to spend one semester in the Rocky Mountains and the canyons of Utah. Students spend 12 weeks on our boarding school campus taking honors and AP-level classes that are place-based, and students spend 5 weeks on backpacking and skiing expeditions. Sustainability plays a key role in our community and students live in comfortable, off-the-grid cabins while on campus. HMI’s signature combination of academics, wilderness, and small, intentional community leaves students feeling confident, independent, comfortable with themselves, and ready to take advantage of the many opportunities that lie ahead.

You can learn more about the HMI Semester through our website, viewbook, and by reading the student-written weekly updates on our blog. To apply, please visit our admissions page.

HMI is a member of the Semester Schools Network, a network of twelve semester schools offering semester-away programs for high school student across the world.