The High Mountain Institute offers an honors and AP-level curriculum that prepares students for success in the remainder of their high school career and beyond. We design our courses to match the content and rigor of our sending schools in order to facilitate smooth transitions for our graduates. HMI is accredited by the Association of Colorado Independent Schools, an affiliate of the National Association of Independent Schools.

HMI is full of an intellectual vibrancy that strikes all visitors to campus. Students huddle with teachers at lunch to complete their discussion about Thomas Jefferson’s America. Laughter fills the Barnes Building as students read (in Spanish) the manifestos Whitney has assigned. In the Hope Library, four students work to finish the field study they began on a recent expedition when they observed the behavior of a group of elk passing by their camp.

We improve student performance with small class size (an average of ten students) and focus on student-led discussion, analysis, and hands-on learning. Our environment rewards hard work and cherishes academic achievement, helping further our goal of creating active and life-long learners.

  • Students take 5-6 courses at HMI and can earn an ungraded ½ credit for physical education. Many students also participate in community service, particularly during the Fall Semester.
  • Options exist for students to participate in an independent study during their semester in order to keep up with a course at their sending school not offered at HMI. Student must receive permission from both their sending school and HMI in order to participate in an independent study, prior to the start of their semester.

HMI Semester Courses

Explore the courses listed below for a brief synopsis of coursework and content, or click here to view our complete Curriculum Guide.

Practices and Principles: Ethics of the Natural World

Literature of the Natural World (Honors)

Natural Science (Honors)

United States History: Western Perspectives (Honors)

Advanced Placement United States History

Mathematics (Advanced Algebra II, Honors Precalculus, Advanced Placement Calculus)

Spanish (Intermediate, Advanced-Intermediate, and Advanced Honors)